Winter is coming . . .

I am a fan of Game of Thrones (GOT) and I am currently re-watching the HBO series in preparation for the final season next year. If you don’t watch the show, “winter is coming” is the phrase for the upcoming “White Walker” (Zombie) attack. Everyone knows it’s coming, but most are too busy in their “day to day” struggles of trying get ahead (or stay alive).

So I would like to be the first one to tell all of my fellow investment adviser friends . . .

Winter Is Coming!

There is a financial revolution that has begun. There are changes currently ongoing in the way advice is being “consumed” by your clients (and future clients). This is due to the changing demographics and the financial technology (fintech) that threatens every “living” adviser.

I was an investment adviser for over 20 years before I focused on the fintech that I helped create for my practice. However, I (like Jon Snow in GOT) fight for the living. I sold my financial firm late last year so I can focus on helping every adviser in America arm themselves with the proper fintech to defeat the “robo-advisers”.

For the past several months, myself, my partner Mark and Tracy (marketing/admin guru) have been working days (and many nights) to get you ready for winter. We have re-designed our website, rebuilt some internal operations and have streamlined our processes to help you, the living, breathing, investment adviser.

Your clients need ongoing advice for their work sponsored retirement plans. We have created the Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows you to deliver your advice to your clients with a few clicks of the mouse. We want to help every decent, honorable and living adviser help their clients.

I am going to use our new blog format to write not only about our SaaS, but also about the journey of starting a small company as it grows into a household name. As of the current date, Plan Confidence is only known by a couple of thousand of hard working Americans. I have vowed to continue in my pursuits until we are a household name and every American has access to ongoing advice for their 401k (or other work) plans.

I also created our firm (unlike our competitors) to not complete with you. We don’t talk to your clients or custody assets. So we do not get in the way between you and your clients for the future rollovers.

We will work tirelessly to help every adviser who wants help in helping their clients. I am here for you. My firm is here for you.

Because as we all know . . . Winter Is Coming!