Advisers: You've asked, we listened!

So far 2019 has been awesome! I have spoken to many advisers and we have agreements with more firms, more advisers and we are providing advice to more participants than ever.

And we are just getting started!

As I have been speaking to new advisers every day, there has been a couple of “themes” that have popped up. I believe that if I hear the same thing from a few advisers, then it is worth looking into. So there are some exciting changes that we will be making to benefit you, the advisers, to help you offer this service to your clients.

First, we will be re-writing our “Participant” page. We have a “Direct to Consumer” (DTC) model, but we have very few participants using this channel. So we are going to re-write the “Participant” page to reflect that they need to be working with their adviser for this service. We want to enhance your business and have you use us as one of your many tools for helping your clients. So the new “Participant” page will soon reflect this.

The second exciting enhancement that we will be making, is the “pricing” schedule. We are going to remove references to all pricing from our page and let you set your own price for the service. I have talked with many advisers that would like multiple pricing options. So after hearing your concerns about the pricing, speaking to our SEC lawyer and talking to Mark about what we “technically” need,'; we will be making the change. We should have this up and running before the end of the first quarter.

We need to amend our ADV, our current agreements and make some technical enhancements on our setup page. Once these changes are made, you will be able to set your own monthly price for the service. So you can soon set variable pricing based off plan size, the amount of services you will provide to the client, etc. We will retain our current flat fee of $12 per participant per month and remit back to your firm anything above $12. each quarter.

I am confident that these two changes will help you incorporate Plan Confidence into your practice. So please give us a few weeks to work on the legal and technical aspects and we will let you know when these new enhancements are “live”.

As always, we appreciate all the advisers that are currently offering their clients Plan Confidence. We are always looking for feedback on how to make the service better for you.

So don’t be shy about letting us know how we can be better and stay tuned as we roll out some of these exciting changes!