Test Time!!!! 🤓🤪😬🤯😱

All right. I consider myself a pretty smart guy (no comments)!!!

I started working in the financial industry right after college in 1995. I read (almost every day) about financial topics. And I recently read about a “test” in the “401k Specialist” (Issue 2). According to the article, only 26% of older Americans with $100,000 of investable assets were able to pass the test with a score above 61%


So I decided to take the test.

It took me ten minutes.

I think every adviser should take this test.

I think every adviser should have their clients take this test.

It was really eye opening, frustrating and educational.

So I am encouraging anyone who is reading this post to take the test. And to share the test with everyone they know.

I scored a 76% (29/38). Please take the test and share with me (and everyone else) what score you received.

You can take the test for yourself by CLICKING HERE.