• Can this really be used with any plan?

    • Yes, we will work with any employer sponsored retirement plan that has a fund lineup created by the employer (the fiduciary to the plan).  We do not work with brokerage windows/accounts within any of these plans.  We believe your clients should work directly with you for help with any brokerage accounts.

  • How do I get a listing of all the available investment options?

    • The easiest way is to have your client click on their “Performance” section of their custodial site.  Have them use their browser’s print function and save the file as a PDF and email it to you.

    • They can also send you a PDF of the screen(s) that they use to make changes or re-balance their account.  Please note that we will need a file uploaded that shows all of their available investment options.

      PRO TIP:  Go through this step with your client in your next meeting or do it online with them.  This will cut down on the “stress” that your client may feel trying to navigate the information on their custodial site.  It can also be used to get more referrals to co-workers of your client.

  • How do I get started as an adviser?

    • We will need an agreement with your RIA firm before we can activate your adviser account.  Please contact kevin@planconfidence.com to set up a time to discuss your options.

  • What happens when my client’s investment options change?

    • It is normal for plans to update their fund lineups periodically.  Usually, your client will receive a “60-day notice” informing them what options are being removed and the new options that are replacing them.  Just have your client send you the email (60-day notice) and forward it to us (support@planconfidence.com).  We will update your client’s plan on the day the new options are added to their plan.

  • What paperwork is required for my clients to sign?

    • We do not have any “physical” paperwork for your client to sign.  Your client is required to “accept” our Agreement, disclosures, etc when they complete they click “I Agree”.  You will need to check with your firm if they require any paperwork on their end to set up an account with us.

  • How do I know you won’t try to compete with my clients for future rollovers?

    • I was an adviser for 21 years.  I hated when firms “competed” with me over my clients.  So, I have created our RIA to be an “Internet Only” RIA.  By law, we cannot speak with your client about any of the advice.  Also, we have set up our RIA to only offer advice for a nominal fee.  We do not custody any assets (read our ADV below), so you can rest assured we have no competing interests with you over your clients.

  • What should I charge my client for the service?

    • That depends on several factors. What “Co-Advisory” services do you plan on offering your client? Will you be setting your pricing based off of the current value of your clients’ plan? Does your firm have minimum/maximum guidelines?

      PRO TIP: While dealing with ERISA plans, please note that you must charge “reasonable” compensation in light of the services rendered.