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“Crash Course” Webinars with Kevin T. Clark, RF™

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Learn how to market and offer your clients advice on their work sponsored retirement plans.

Learn how to set up your clients and their plans in our database.

We also will answer any of your questions.

Take an hour out of your day to get the confidence you need to get up and running!

(The webinar will be recorded and emailed to everyone signed up, even if you can’t make the 3pm EST time)

Every Thursday @ 3:00 PM-4:00 PM EST


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Why offer your clients Plan Confidence?


No more guesswork for your clients

Plan Confidence™ evaluates all the available investment options in your clients particular plan(s) and assigns them to their Morningstar categories.

We then have the ability to “overlay” your investment models or you can use the ones that are hard coded in our database (5 Strategic and 3 “Semi” Tactical).

Your clients will receive advice letting them know how much to allocate to the exact investment options within their plan(s)!


Any plan, Any size

It doesn’t matter if your client works for a fortune 500 company or a small dental office.

It doesn’t matter if they are just starting with a small balance or if they are getting ready to retire.

Unlike Morningstar Retirement Manager or Financial Engines, you don’t need to take over the plan to offer our service.

We work at the “participant” level and not the “plan” level.

So we can work with any plan, any size!

You set the fee

By using our “Co-Advisory” agreement we are able to work together to provide this unique service to your clients.

You license our technology and billing services for a nominal monthly fee.

Our “Co-Advisory” service is a “month to month” contract, which is important after the Tibble V Eddison Supreme Court Ruling (established a “continuing duty of care").

Your client can cancel any time for any reason (setting an end date of your “continuing duty of care”)!

Your “Call to Action”!


Schedule a brief call with Kevin T Clark, RF our CEO & Co-Founder. He can answer any of your questions and you can discuss with him if this service may be right for your firm.

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But don’t delay!

We want you to be the one offering your clients advice on their employer sponsored retirement plans!

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