History in the making… (The Problem)!


Plan Confidence™ was born out of the 2008-2009 market meltdown.

My name is Kevin T Clark, RF™.  I am a Registered Fiduciary (Dalbar) and was a financial adviser for over 21 years.

I used to run a financial planning/investment firm in the suburbs of Chicago.  In 2008 my clients began coming to me, as I am sure yours were to you, with concerns about the money I wasn’t handling. 

They were extremely concerned about the money in their 401k plans!

My clients were wanting advice on how to allocate their money and they wanted to know exactly where to put their money in their plans!

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Yes, we will work with any employer sponsored retirement plan that has a fund lineup created by the employer (the fiduciary to the plan).  We do not work with brokerage windows/accounts within any of these plans.  We believe your clients should work directly with you for help with any brokerage accounts.


  • We will need an agreement with your RIA firm before we can activate your account.  If any of your clients are currently using the service, they will be transferred to your account after we have a signed agreement.  Please contact kevin@planconfidence.com to set up a time to discuss your options.

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Plan Confidence™ Webinars with Kevin T. Clark, RF™

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Every 2nd Tuesday & 3rd Thursday of each month learn how to market and offer your clients advice on their work sponsored retirement plans. We will also cover the three questions to ask to cut to the chase with your clients and prospects. Discover best practices of top advisers using the service and review the marketing materials we've created for you.

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Second Tues @ 11:00 AM-12:00 PM EST

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Why offer your clients Plan Confidence?


No more guesswork for your clients

Plan Confidence™ evaluates all the available investment options in your clients particular plan(s) and assigns them to their Morningstar categories.

We then have the ability to “overlay” your investment models or you can use the ones that are hard coded in our database (5 Strategic and 3 “Semi” Tactical).

Your clients will receive advice letting them know how much to allocate to the exact investment options within their plan(s)!


Any plan, Any size

It doesn’t matter if your client works for a fortune 500 company or a small dental office.

It doesn’t matter if they are just starting with a small balance or if they are getting ready to retire.

Unlike Morningstar Retirement Manager or Financial Engines, you don’t need to take over the plan to offer our service.

We work at the “participant” level and not the “plan” level.

So we can work with any plan, any size!

You set the fee

  • By using a “Co-Advisory” agreement we are able to work together to provide this unique service to your clients

  • You license our technology and billing services for a monthly fee of $12 per month

  • We remit back to your firm all amounts above $12 per month

  • Our “Co-Advisory” service is a “month to month” contract, which is important after the Tibble V Eddison Supreme Court Ruling (established a “continuing duty of care")

  • Your client can cancel any time for any reason (setting an end date of your “continuing duty of care)


Ask your clients these 3 questions today:

1) Do you have a retirement plan that you are contributing to at work?

2) Would you like professional advice on exactly where to put your money in the plan, using the investment options that your employer has chosen for you?

3) Are you willing to pay $XX.xx per month for the professional advice?

If your clients answer YES to all 3 questions…

We would love to partner with you if your clients are looking for more confidence in their plans!

How does it work?

  • By partnering with Plan Confidence Corp, you get your own dashboard (adviser site) from which you will be able to sign up your clients in the service.

  • Your contact information, disclosures and photo will be shown on all the pages the participant views while logged into the Plan Confidence™ website. You will be the “point of contact” for your clients.

  • We provide ongoing, compliant, professional advice to your clients until they retire, switch jobs or cancel the service.

  • Don’t delay, sign up today!


Your “Call to Action”!

I’m not going to “sugar coat it”, we are all in “sales” at some point in this business.

So here is my “call to action” for you:

Talk to your home office if you are interested and have them contact me to start the due diligence process.

After we have a signed agreement with your firm, it’s best if you send out an email to all of your clients (and prospects) asking the 3 questions above (or use our marketing materials available on the site).

Then sign up for a future “Crash Course” webinar or schedule a private training with me. I have found that advisers really take off with this service after setting up their first three clients (quick “learning curve”).

But don’t delay!

I know that 6 out of 10 of your clients (and 6 out of 10 of your prospects) are looking for this service!*

We want you to be the one offering your clients advice on their employer sponsored retirement plans!

Schedule that call today!

*Charles Schwab - 401k Participant Survey - August 2013