Participants need confidence! (The problem):

Plan Confidence™ was born out of the 2008-2009 market meltdown.  Kevin T Clark, RF™ was running his financial planning/investment firm in the suburbs of Chicago. His clients started coming to him with concerns about money he wasn’t handling. 

The money in their 401k plans

They wanted advice on how to allocate their money. They wanted Kevin to let them know exactly where to put their money in their plans.

After hearing the same story from multiple clients, Kevin decided that something had to be done.

The problem, was that every employer chooses the investment options for their plan. 

Every client had access to different investment options!

Some plans had a few options and some plans had hundreds of options.

So Kevin rolled up his sleeves and asked his clients for a listing of all the investment options that were specific to their plan. Through multiple files in Excel, Morningstar, Word, PDFs and email; he started sending his clients monthly updates on exactly where to put their money within their plans.

The only problem was the “process” (research, create content and send out the monthly emails) was very time consuming.

Kevin knew he needed to automate the process. He knew he needed someone with “technical” know how. So he reached out to his friend, Mark Reddick. Kevin knew Mark had software development skills, as Mark developed incredible software for the second generation iPod.

Mark was familiar with the service, as his wife was using the Plan Confidence monthly service. Kevin showed Mark the manual and timely “process” and asked if he could create software to help. 

Mark told him, “If you can label it, I can automate it”! And the “web” version of Plan Confidence™ was born!

Through the years, Mark, Kevin and a small staff have tweaked, enhanced and updated the software as a service (SaaS).

Plan Confidence™ is now available on any computer with internet access and has created “apps” available for Apple (iOs) and Google (Android) phones. 

Kevin, Mark and the staff are dedicated to making sure that you get the advice that you desire for your plan that is as unique as you are! We partner with financial professionals so they can offer you this unique service.

Ask your financial professional today if they offer Plan Confidence. If they are currently offering their clients this service, they will set up your account for you.

If they are not currently offering this service, have them come here, check out this site and schedule a call to get trained on how to use our Software as a Service. It’s that easy!

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